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I started in the hat business after I apprenticed for a year and a half under a lady hat maker. I've always been shaping hats and cutting down hats since I was young and in rodeo with my friends. It's something I've always had an interest in. I wasn't happy in the insurance business with my father so when a local business came up for sale, I decided to take advantage of it and started Double H Custom Hat Company.

HH Hat Company is located on Highway 93 which is a great traveling Highway for tourists visiting or people moving to Montana. We're located in downtown Darby. There's a number of guest ranches around that I work closely with for special orders of custom hats.

I stand behind my product 100% including the shape and fit of the hat. All my new custom made hats come in a hard hat can case so shipping is no problem (I've shipped as far away as the South Pole Station). Your hat will fit properly, or we'll make it do so.

Once,I had a gentleman send his hat back from Africa that needed loosened up in the forehead. I just took care of that, put it back in the case and shipped it back to him in Africa. - Jimmy

I deal only in quality. I make a true 50% beaver hat and 100% beaver hat. I also deal in the Guatemalan fine palm leaf hats (which are the only straw hats that I carry). I carry some of the finest horsehair hat bands and belts, plus a wide array of bone hat bands, leather hat bands, beaded bands, silver hat bands, and various other types of hat bands in the shop.

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