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Accessibility Statement

What is Accessibility?

Successful access to information and use of information technology by people who have disabilities is known as "accessibility." Standard-compliant websites provide access to the disabled.

Access Keys

The accesskey enables users to navigate key areas of this website via the keyboard instead of a mouse. To use the accesskeys on Windows, press ALT + an accesskey; on Macintosh, press CTRL + an accesskey. Access keys are set up as follows:

Navigation & Content

  1. All tables are captioned and table summaries are used where a description of the data would be needed. Table headers are properly labeled.
  2. Links are written to make sense out of context.
  3. Images signifigant to the content are described with alt attributes. Most images on this site are for visual effect and have no relevant information. These irrelivant images are marked to allow a screen reader to skip over them.
  4. A method is provided to permit users to skip repetitive navigation links.
  5. A site map is provided for users who want links to all site pages on one page.
  6. The background color changes on the input form controls and links that have the focus.
  7. Offsite links, PDF files, and email links are indicated by small graphics (email pdf offsite). This feature only works with standards-compliant browsers such as Firefox and Opera).

Standards Compliance

  1. Valid robots.txt is used to allow robots to spider pages and mark certain files and directories that search engine spiders (and other types of robots) should not access.
  2. All pages are structured properly using semantic markup (readable independent of style sheets) and comply with World Wide Web Consortium's checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility.
  3. The pages on this site comply with all of the U.S. Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines. This requires that electronic and information technology that is developed or purchased by the Federal Government is accessible by people with disabilities.
  4. The visual layout is presented with CSS. These style sheets validate in full compliance the W3C recommendations.


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