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Double H Hat Company's Gallery 6 [79 through 93]

79 puncher bear claw
Puncher hat with branded band and bear claw inlay.
81 moss eyelettes
Moss colored with matching eyelettes and band.
84 black seahawk
Black modified Montana with silver Seahawk inlay.

85 willow seahawk
Willow Mondified Montana with Seahawk emblem.
86 presidential hat
The President's Hat.
87 gunfighter
Open crown Gunfighter with revolver inlay.

88 silver diamond
Hybrid silver diamond on leather band.
89 beaded moss
Beaded moss modifed Montana.
90 elk montana
100% natural Montana with hitched horsehair band.

91 carico lake turquoise
100% moss colored beaver with Carico Lake Turquoise.
92 white rancher
White Rancher.
93 tear drop crown
Teardrop crown with cross-laced brim.

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