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Hat Inlays

natural antelope
Natural personalized antelope inlay and brand.
mule deer inlay
Inlay: Silver mule deer with initials.
puncher bear claw
Puncher hat with branded band and bear claw inlay.

black seahawk
Black modified Montana with silver Seahawk inlay.
willow seahawk
Willow Mondified Montana with Seahawk emblem.
presidential hat
The President's Hat.

Custom Personalized Inlays

Some of the brands and logos we've inlayed into hats are elk teeth, silver oil rigs, miniature pistols and rifles, horses, feathers, and even a thunderbird made out of real turquoise that one of our smiths hand-carved. Just about anything you can think of we'll inlay in the side of the hat. As long as it's not too big (and we like to keep it tasteful).

hat for miss ravalli county

We've also done beaded inlays in the side of hats like the one Jimmy made for the local Miss Ravalli County 2004 (pictured at right). This hat was going to be one-of-a-kind, but we've had many requests for similar hats. It had 650 pieces of Swavorski Crystal sewn into the hat. It had a heart shaped cut out of each side of the crown, with the crystals beaded and inlayed into the heart shape. The brim was whip-stitched with the same crystals. But since we've made this one, we've made quite a few more of them with different color combinations.

We do a lot of inlay work to personalize the hat specific to each individual. You can generally order almost any pattern or design you want. We have two different silver smiths that will custom make inlays to the customer's design.