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Our hatter will help determine the style of hat that will look best on you. Since, everyone's facial features and shoulder widths are a little different, some hats will work with certain people, that won't work with others. Since your face shape is almost identical to the shape of your head (the oval of your face would be the same oval as the top of your head), we can suggest brim styles and crown styles to suit your face.

We know that each person who walks through our doors has a use for a unique hat... one that is individualized just for them. - Jimmy

You don't want to put a wide flat brim on a narrow face because it just makes the face look that much smaller. And the crown as well, if you've got a long narrow face, you need both the crown and the brim to be narrowed somewhat to the front, so that it doesn't take the shape of the face out of context. As far as crown styles, there is a number of popular styles for narrow faces. There are many "traditional" shapes from the cattleman's (or rancher) to old west shapes. Read about some of the history of hat styles.

We've made many types of ladies hats including bright red hats for the Red Hat Society. We've made gambler hats with the suits inlayed in the side (diamond, heart, spade, club). Flat top hats for old time shooters, for formal dress or for bikers.


Beaded Hat Bands

Inlay. We do a lot of inlay work (not many hatters in the country actually do silver inlay work or antler inlay work). It personalizes the hat specific to that individual. You can generally order almost any pattern or design you want. We have two different Silver Smiths that will custom make inlays to the customer's design.

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Brim Style. Many brim styles including whip-stitched, cross-laced and bound edges. We do a bound edge with a grill-grain ribbon on the edge of the brim which is traditional since the 1800's. We do cross lace brims with leather, whip stitched brims,

Hat Bands. Styles and accessories have evolved over the years just like the shapes and the crowns have evolved over the years. We have a tremendous amount of different kinds of hat bands to match hat brims. We carry horsehair, leather and beaded bands. (Beaded hat bands pictured at left.)


Guatemalan Fine Palm Leaf Hats Felted Fur. Felting is a process, not a material - that's why we call it "felted fur". Felting is a heating under moisture and pressure that makes the individual hairs twist and angulate around each other in every direction imaginable. That's why the beaver hair (which is much smaller) felts much tighter and holds stronger. Of course, beaver fur is a water repellent to begin with. Beaver fur is the most sought after when purchasing quality hats the hat making.

Guatemalan Fine Palm Leaf Hats. (pictured at right). We carry Guatemalan fine palm leaf hats which are the only straw hats we carry because their high quality. A palm leave crown will remain cool the heat when wet and can be worn in the rain (it just soaks up enough water to where it seals).

Hybrid. A hybrid hat is unique to Double H. It's a fine woven palm leave crown on a quality felted fur brim. A Hybrid is a functional, stylish hat that offers the coolness of the palm crown with the stability and the sun protection of the felted fur brim. It shades and protects your eyes by preventing the sun reflection from underneath. The palm leaf crown will remain cool and the beaver brim will repel the rain and sun. We make hybrids in a golf style hat as well as a western hat. You may have a colored brim and different shaped crowns. It's more than just a novelty item, it's a real functional hat for warmer weather.

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